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There’s a limited number of Discraft Big-Z Zeus and Page Pierce Passion Prototypes hitting the racks tomorrow at 11-ish. There’s going to be a limit of 1 per person on Tuesday but if there’s any left on Wed. (I doubt it) feel free to buy them up then. The re-sellers are already trying to get $40.00 to $50.00 (or more) each for these on eBay but they are marked at $19.00 each in the store.

New Disc Golf Discs in Stock

There are a bunch of other discs hitting the racks on Wed. the 31st as well including Discraft, Dynamic, Latitude 64 and Westside models like:

  • Rubber Luna
  • McBeth Anax
  • McBeth ESP Buzzz
  • Z Meteor
  • Z Force
  • Big Z Undertaker
  • Z Mantis
  • ESP Undertaker
  • Burst Deputy
  • EMac Judge
  • Lucid Evader
  • Prime Truth
  • VIP Harp

And a bunch more, I was just typing those out of my head I can’t remember them all.

Other Things

We also now have a good selection of discs for beginner disc golfers priced at $9.00 each and plenty of beginner and intermediate disc golf bags too.

There are no holds and we do not sell discs over the interwebs… sorry.

Located at Triangle Vinyl, 650 7th St, Clermont, FL 34711