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We just restocked the racks with some really nice discs including Big Z Luna, Big Z Hades, Tour Series Luna, and even a couple Titanium Buzzz’s (which we haven’t seen since the pandemic started). There’s also some cool commemorative discs in this batch including a Missy Gannon DGPT champ disc and a Hailey King Tour Vulture.

List of New Discs in Stock

  • 2021 DGPT Gannon Tour Swirl ESP Thrasher Finale
  • 2021 Paul McBeth Tour Series Luna
  • 2021 Paul Ulibarri Tour Series Raptor
  • Big Z Nuke
  • Big Z Predator
  • Big Z Raptor
  • Big Z Roack
  • ESP Buzzz Paul McBeth Signature Series
  • ESP Meteor
  • Hailey King Tour Series ESP Vulture
  • Paige Pierce Z Line Sol Signature Series
  • Paul McBeth Anax
  • Paul McBeth Big Z Hades
  • Paul McBeth Big Z Luna
  • Titanium Buzzz
  • Z Line Avenger SS
  • Z Line Heat
  • Z Line Machete
  • Z Line Stalker
  • Z Line Surge SS

Stock is Limited! We do not sell discs online. Visit Triangle Vinyl in Clermont, FL. to get your discs, then go play disc golf at Lake Hiawatha Preserve.

happy holidays buzzz 2021