Re-stocked the racks with more Discraft discs today (11/19/2021) and they’re pretty full again for the moment. Today’s re-stock was heavy on ESP plastic and there were a bunch of Scorch’s in this batch along with some Raptors, Avenger SS, Page signature Nukes and others. I got a pink Scorch for myself.

There’s a good assortment of Prodigy and Dynamic discs left too including the KJUSA and Katrina signature models, so… there you have it.

New Discraft Discs on the Racks

  • Big Z Buzzz
  • Big Z Force
  • Big Z Undertaker
  • Paul McBeth ESP Avenger SS
  • ESP Nuke OS
  • ESP Raptor
  • ESP Vulture
  • Paige Pierce ESP Nuke
  • Paige Pierce First Run Passion (very limited #)
  • Paul McBeth Luna
  • Putter Line Soft Roach
  • Z FLX Zone (very limited #)
  • Z FLX Buzzz SS (very limited #)
  • Z Buzzz (very limited #)
  • ESP Scorch

Other Considerations

As always, we do not sell discs on the line. Visit Triangle Vinyl in Clermont, FL. to get your discs, then go play disc golf a half a mile away at Lake Hiawatha Preserve.

page pierce first run passion