Lake Hiawatha Preserve in Clermont, FL. is a championship caliber disc golf course located about a mile from Downtown Clermont Florida. Recently, this course was used during the 2021 PDGA’s World Amateur Disc Golf Championships, sponsored by Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64.

The course was designed by Gregg Hosfeld of World Champion Disc Golf Design. Gregg was the 1987 PDGA World Champion and you will see him out doing maintenance and playing this course on occasion. If you need a course designed in your town, go to Gregg’s website for his contact information.

To hook up with the Lake County Disc Golf Club and play some rounds with nice people, click that link. It will bring you to their Facebook page. They play PDGA rated rounds out here on occasion so if you’re thinking about getting into tournament play, this is a great way to wet your feet.


Lake Hiawatha Preserve Disc Golf Videos

Here’s a walk through of #2… one of my favorites on the course. There’s a link below to the full playlist.

I’ll be adding more content to this page over time, if you have something to say about the Lake Hiawatha Preserve disc golf course, leave a comment.

Check out the full playlist of Lake Hiawatha videos here