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A new shipment of Discraft discs hit the racks today, Tuesday, September 21. New stock includes 2021 tour series discs, Big Z discs, Z Line discs, and some Jawbreaker putters.

List of New Discs

  • Paul McBeth Big Z Malta
  • Paul McBeth ESP Buzzz
  • Paul McBeth ESP Force
  • 2021 Adam Hammes Tour Series Wasp
  • 2021 Brian Earhart Tour Series Zone
  • 2021 Hailey King Tour Series Heat
  • 2021 MJ Tour Series Comet
  • 2021 Missy Gannon Tour Series Undertaker
  • Paige Pierce Fierce
  • Big Z Crank
  • Jawbreaker Challenger
  • Z Line Archer
  • Z Line Crank SS
  • Z Line Raptor
  • Z Line Scorch

We have a good selection of discs for beginner disc golfers priced at $9.00 each and plenty of beginner and intermediate disc golf bags.

More Stuff to Ponder

There are no holds and we do not sell discs on the line, in store only.

We sell discs at or below MSRP, even when we get “hot” discs that are selling for 50+ bucks on eBay. We want all our customers to have the opportunity to get these discs at a reasonable price, so some discs may have a limit of 1 per customer when first released.

Located at Triangle Vinyl, 650 7th St, Clermont, FL 34711