We got a shipment of 120 assorted discs today, April, 20, 2021. It includes discs from Discraft like the Paul McBeth Hades, Paige Pierce 5x Undertaker, and some ESP Buzzzs. We also got Dynamic discs in stock like the EMAC Truth, Opto Ballista, and Classic Judge.

Discraft Discs

  • ESP Hades
  • Luna (rubber blend)
  • Paige Pierce 5x ESP Stalker
  • Magnet
  • Soft Focus
  • McBeth 5x Z-Zone
  • Z Raptor
  • Big Z Roach
  • Paige Pierce 5x Z Undertaker
  • McBeth 5x ESP Avenger SS
  • McBeth 5x ESP Buzzz

Dynamic Discs

  • Classic Deputy
  • Prime EMAC Judge
  • Classic EMAC Judge
  • Fusion EMAC Truth
  • Lucid Escape
  • Prime Burst Judge
  • Lucid Raider
  • Fuzion Raider
  • Lucid Trespass
  • Prime Warden
  • Classic Warden
  • Opto Ballista Pro
  • Gold Jade
  • Zero Medium Burst Pure

Here’s a short vid of the Discraft discs:

Discs are priced $0.99 below MSRP.

Located at Triangle Vinyl, 650 7th St, Clermont, FL. 34711. No online sales, you may get Justin to hold a disc for you if you call him at (407) 408-5751.