We got many, many new prodigy discs in stock including many different molds of discs, in every type of prodigy plastic. I’m not going to list all the new discs here, but this is a partial listing:

List of Prodigy Discs in Stock

  • D-1 Distance Driver
  • D-2 Distance Driver
  • D-3 Distance Driver
  • D-4 Distance Driver
  • X-2 Distance Driver
  • X-3 Distance Driver
  • X-4 Distance Driver
  • X-5¬†Distance Driver
  • F-1 Fairway Driver
  • FX-2 Fairway Driver
  • F-3 Fairway Driver
  • F-5 Fairway Driver
  • F-7 Fairway Driver
  • H1-V2 Hybrid Driver
  • H4-V2 Hybrid Driver
  • H5 Hybrid Driver
  • M-2 Mid Range
  • MX-3 Mid Range
  • M-4 Mid Range
  • PA-1 Putt/Approach
  • PA-4 Putt/Approach
  • PX-3 Putt/Approach

Yeah I know, the list is long and this isn’t even complete.

 pa-4 400 plastic prodigy discs


We do not hold discs or sell discs online. Discs and vinyl records can only be bought in person at 650 7th St, Clermont, FL 34711

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